For Program & Services, Call 713-505-1660

  1. Prayer Services: If you are in difficulty, depressed and need help on worldly matters or facing challenges in your life, do not give up. Have a strong faith in Jesus Christ. You can call us any time for prayers no matter where you live or what circumstances you are in. We believe Lord Jesus Christ will save your life and family from the crisis you have. Our prayers are strong, our prophecy will change your life, what you need is to have faith in one unique God. We assure you that our prayers will change your life in the name of Jesus Christ, our savior.
  2. Social Support Services. We connect you to the county, city, and state-funded programs and services. We connect you to food and nutrition programs; if your family is facing crises of hunger and living in poverty. We do case management to connect you to save shelter and family housing.
  3. Health and Wellness Programs. We want our Church members to be healthy and prosperous. We have collaboration with many community organization and charitable institutions to provide free medical, dental and mental health services. Our community-based collaborators offer affordable services to women, children, and adults who have no medical insurance. Church members can also participate in free special programs for diabetes control, high blood pressure, liver scan testing and free vaccines.
  4. Job opportunities: JFK Global Prayer Ministry volunteers assist you in job search, help you get computer access and connect you to better job opportunities. Our volunteers also write letters of recommendations to our church members who own businesses and help families within the church to have jobs near their homes.
  5. National Disaster Support Services: Our volunteers help those who go through family crises during Hurricane Harvey. We find government resources and case management support to recover your family from flooding or loss of property crises.
  6. Emotional Support to families through prayers: Loved ones who suffer from mental health or behavioral health concerns, our pastors provide emotional support and encourage families to believe in Jesus Christ and help them heal and recover from those crises.
  7. Future Programs: Collaboration and establishment of early childhood development programs. Provide affordable access to little ones to access early education system and language support programs.